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TCXO,VCXO,OCXO Base and cover of frequancy control

Welcome To Evershine

Evershine mfg. co. is a fully integrated auto component manufacturing facility. Since its inception in 1975, the organistaion has been thriving to deliver quality and precision to its customers.

We started as an oil Seal manufacturer for the automobile sector and have gradually moved on to other sheet metal components like Oil Seals, HeadLights, Backlights, Silencers, Mudguards, Fans Covers, Wheel Rims, All type sheet metal components & Deep Drawn Works as per specifications or Drawings etc.

It is our policy to delight our customers by meeting their specified requirements both in product and supply schedule and are committed to continuously improve/ review the processes, and the policy. for the effectiveness of the QMS with the co-operation of our work force.